Why Choose Alabama Auto Finance?

Hundreds of consumers across Alabama have utilized our services to finance a new car, even with sub-standard credit.

  • Low Rates for Alabama Borrowers
  • No Fees for Applying
  • Low Monthly Payments
  • Budget-Friendly Down Payments
  • Massive Selection of New and Preowned Vehicles
  • 24 Hour Approvals for Many Borrowers

The Benefits of a Pre-Approved Car Loan

Why would you apply for credit at the dealership, when you could get approved in advance? It boosts your confidence when you set foot on the dealership, because you won't have to apply on site. It also minimizes the time you'll spend on paperwork. In the end, it makes for a far better purchasing experience all around.

Alabama Auto Loan Rates

These are average, statewide rates we've seen in the industry.

FICO Used Vehicle APR New Vehicle APR
720-850 3.8% 3.4%
690-719 6.0% 5.0%
660-689 8.5% 7.2%
620-659 13% 9.8%
590-619 17.3% 14.5%
500-589 18% 16%

Your APR rate could cost you thousands of dollars. So getting the most affordable rate you can is critical. Generally lenders base your interest rate on your FICO score. This is the reason it's crucial that you check your score.

It also allows you to:

  • See what lenders see when reviewing your finance application.
  • Know what rate of interest should be expected.
  • Monitor your score to avoid problems down the road.

Alabama Loan Requirements

  • Applicant Must Be 18 Years or Older
  • Alabama Resident
  • $375 Weekly Income
  • No Vehicle Repossessed in Last Year
  • No Minimum Credit Rating Required
  • Not Available for Refinancing

Apply Online!

We're your trusted source for Alabama auto loans. We offer an easy online application process with no obligations.
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What Will My APR Rate Be?

Many clients ask us what rate of interest they can expect on their loan. This is difficult to estimate, as it depends on your credit score, income, and other factors. You can review average auto finance rates for people with bad credit here. These rates are not guaranteed - just averages.

Will You Check My Credit?

We do not check your credit directly. However, you must authorize a credit check of your account. All reputable auto lenders perform credit checks. It is simply how the industry works. FICO will count multiple inquiries within a 45-day period as a single check, allowing you to rate-shop your loan.

Southeast Partners

Have family or friends that live in a state bordering Alabama? Great! We have locations serving nearby states such as Georgia and Tennessee. Please feel free to recommend them to your friends and loved ones.