Bad Credit Auto Loans in Albertville (AL)

If you want to get approved for a new car or truck, we’d be happy to help. Our system is fast, safe, and effective. Clients who meet the minimum criteria have a 90% chance of getting financed. Just submit your application, and we’ll work to get you approved from a dealer or lender who suits your needs.

Credit Scores Classified as Subprime

For those who have a bad credit score, we’re the perfect solution subprime financing is our area of expertise. A large number of large lenders and dealers now have entire departments dedicated to “special finance.” These are commonly called Albertville bad credit dealerships. Naturally, we work with a great many of them. To be sure, the APR on your loan would be lower if you had a credit score of 700 plus, but that’s just how the industry works. You’ll typically be matched with a lender or dealer in Albertville that specializes in special finance scenarios. These types of companies do submit information to the credit bureaus. This is great if you want to restore your credit. It’s easy. Go here to submit your application online.

How Much Am I Eligible to Borrow?

Loan companies decide how much to lend you by assessing your income and credit score. In the table that follows, we’ve quoted loan amounts for people of several different credit ratings, based on the average monthly income in Albertville, $2,621. Don’t forget, these are only estimates.

Credit History Income Factor Sum
Good Credit 10 $26,210
Average Credit 9 $23,589
Temporary Bad Credit 8 $20,968
Poor Credit 7 $18,347
Really Bad Credit 6 $18,347

To determine how much you can borrow, multiply your monthly income by the corresponding income factor.

No Money Down Auto Loans in Albertville?

Don’t have a down payment? No problem. That said, a down payment gives you important benefits:

  • Reduces the length of the loan, meaning less is paid in interest.
  • Reduces monthly payment.
  • Reduces negative equity.

Still, this era’s lenders and dealers understand that down payments are hard to come by in this economy. Submit your application. We will place your application with a lender or dealer who can finance your purchase, zero down payment needed.

Buy Here Pay Here Dealers in Albertville

If you’ve got very bad credit, chances are you are at least aware of buy here pay here dealers. These dealerships approve auto loans directly, rather than outsourcing this to a network of lenders. They work with people with issues like bankruptcy or repossession in the last 12 months.

It’s usually best to eschew these Albertville BHPH dealerships in favor of a bad credit car loan online. Apply online – it’s fast and free.

Albertville Consumer Profile

Listed here are average stats for Albertville residents.

  • Average Salary: $2,621 Per Month
  • Average Car Payment: $288 (11% of Income)
  • Recommended Car Payment: $210 to $262 (8%-10% of Income)

If you have a low credit score, you’re not the only one. This chart shows the estimated number of Albertville residents at each credit tier.

FICO Score % of Population Residents
300-499 2% 505
500-549 5% 1,263
550-599 8% 2,022
600-649 12% 3,032
650-699 15% 3,790
700-749 18% 4,548
750-799 27% 6,823
800-850 13% 3,285

Don’t worry if you’re credit isn’t perfect, we can help nearly any borrower who makes $1500 plus per month, no matter their credit score.

Would you like to apply for your Albertville auto loan? Click here to submit your application.