Bad Credit Auto Loans in Trussville (AL)

Don’t waste your time driving from one lender to the next, submitting credit applications. We will help you get the approval you need in less time. Many dealerships, banks, and other lenders have whole departments devoted to online applications, and we can help you line up your financing straight from your computer. Just apply online, and we’ll work to get you approved from a lender or dealer that suits your needs.

Financing a Car with Credit Problems

Special Finance is one of our specialties.

The truth is, we have dealers and lenders in our network who finance people at each different credit tier. To be sure, your rate of interest won’t be as low as someone with a credit score of 700 plus, meaning it’s imperative that you choose a cost-effective car or truck with affordable monthly payments. We can find you a bad credit car dealership in Trussville who’s ready to approve you for financing – online!

Obviously, the amount of the loan has a tremendous impact on your choice of vehicle, so it’s always a primary concern. Below, we’ve displayed how much applicants of differing credit ratings can finance, based on the average monthly income in Trussville, $4,565. Bear in mind, these are only estimates.

Credit Income Factor Amount
Great Credit 10 $45,650
Fair Credit 9 $41,085
Subprime Credit 8 $36,520
Bad Credit 7 $31,955
Terrible Credit 6 $31,955

Just because it’s possible to borrow this amount, doesn’t mean you should. A smaller loan is advisable, because you will pay less interest, and your payment will be lower.

Getting Approved with No Down Payment

Good credit? If so, you probably won’t have to offer up a down payment. Purchasers with problematic credit, on the other hand, seldom have it so easy. As you can imagine, such loans pose a greater risk to the finance company. Non-payment is more of a concern, and a down payment makes sure that at least a percentage of the vehicle’s value has been secured. That being said, we have companies who approve auto loans for people with no money down.

Apply online, and indicate that you don’t have a down payment. We’ll match you with a lender willing to offer you the loan you need, no down payment needed.

In House Financing Car Dealers in Trussville

If you have gone through a bankruptcy or repossession, you’ve possibly thought about going to one of the buy here pay here dealerships in Trussville. Dealers like these work with consumers that can’t get approved anywhere else. They specialize in helping people with issues like bankruptcy or repossession within the last 12 months.

Sadly, most of these dealerships are unable to help buyers re-establish their credit. More often than not, you would be better off applying online, so we can find you an auto loan in Trussville that has better rates and terms.

Credit and Income: Trussville

There’s more to auto financing than just your FICO score. Loan companies evaluate such things as:

  • Ability
  • Source of Income
  • Credit History

Here are average stats for Trussville residents.

  • Gross Income: $4,565 Monthly
  • Average Monthly Payment: $502 (11% of Income)
  • Ideal Monthly Payment: $365 to $457 (8%-10% of Income)

Have you ever wondered about the credit ratings of your community as a whole? We have estimated how many Trussville consumers are in each range of FICO scores.

FICO Score % of Population Residents
300-499 2% 753
500-549 5% 1,883
550-599 8% 3,013
600-649 12% 4,519
650-699 15% 5,649
700-749 18% 6,779
750-799 27% 10,168
800-850 13% 4,896

No matter what your credit score is, we can help. We work with credit-seekers of all credit scores and income levels. That’s our mission.