What Should You Do When You Witness an Accident

You are on the road during your usual commute or running errands, etc. You see a car accident and want to help. This is human nature. But, you need to be careful as well, especially with the hazards that are likely present. Know the basics about what you should or shouldn’t do in this type of situation. Your immediate reaction is likely going to set your adrenalin pumping. After all, even though most of us drive thousands upon thousands of miles every year, we really don’t often witness an accident, let alone a serious one. But safety has to be first or else you will only worsen the conditions. Learn about some things you should always have available in your car that can even be lifesaving to you when providing assistance in such circumstances. If you want to help and not hinder the situation, follow these ten basic rules. Well, really 9 plus 1 as you will see.

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